Simplified climate action for businesses of all size

Implement our API to embed climate action right into your product — enabling any transaction to be a climate positive one.

Empowering the future of banking

Transform the banking industry towards sustainability by connecting eco-friendly rewards and carbon neutralization to banking transactions. Create a sustainable banking platform that drives environmental impact and provides customers with a clear view of their carbon footprint.


Empowering sustainable travel:

Redefining the travel experience

Today, both brands and consumers realize the importance of joining the dots between consumption and its impact on the planet. Fils provides efficient business trip tracking, personalized advice on sustainable travel, and footprint compensation through loyalty points or employer offsetting.


Easy company tracking/reporting on corporate travel footprint & sustainability efforts increased user awareness of travel footprint and also the ability to introduce gamification to drive further employee engagement by driving reduction in Scope 3 emissions.

Climate-friendly eCommerce

Labels that openly disclose the individual carbon footprint of a product have the potential to change the way we consume forever. Therefore, Fils provides CO2 impact displayed in statements and app. Offset carbon footprint with Gold Standard-certified partners. Incentive schemes and community challenges for impact reduction.


Increased customer engagement and retention new revenue streams attract new customers in climate-conscious segments opportunity to integrate loyalty points linked to sustainable merchants and offsetting parts.


An engine for
sustainable fintech

Assess and offset carbon emissions stemming from commuting, travel, and household energy consumption to offer environmentally conscious insurance options for cars, travel, and homes. Empower policy holders to neutralize their average emissions throughout the life of an insurance product or offer the option to gift carbon credits to beneficiaries.

Exciting news is on the horizon for climate action, with innovative solutions and bold initiatives primed to make a meaningful impact.


Let’s enable a sustainable future together!