Neutralize, Restore and Rebalance

“By taking responsibility for our impact on the environment
we have the power to neutralize our footprint”

Carbon Calculator

The world’s leading climate impact calculator, measuring the climate footprint through highest quality data available.

Easy integration and quick climate action

Carbonil is a platform that helps businesses incorporate climate action into their customer experience by providing options for offsetting emissions and accessing renewable energy, as well as a carbon measurement and management system. It allows for an engaging customer experience that empowers customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Take meaningful climate action

Measure and neutralize the embodied carbon of your products for more meaningful climate action, all while enabling consumers to better understand the impact of their purchases via carbon labels.


Estimate and neutralize your emissions,

Estimate and neutralize the emissions from driving, travel, and home energy usage to provide climate-friendly car travel and home insurance products. Enable policy holders to neutralize their average emissions for the duration of a life insurance product, or allow them to gift credits to policy beneficiaries.

Empowering businesses of all sizes with transparent spending impact information to make sustainable choices.

Every businesses of all sizes we make carries with it a hidden cost to the planet, a carbon price tag that we must all take into account in order to create a sustainable future. By understanding this impact, we can make conscious and informed choices that drive positive change and pave the way for a greener world.

Let’s enable a sustainable future together!