Build sustainable action into any experience

Driven by a relentless pursuit, we actively seek out the key drivers that accelerate climate solutions and take the initiative to build them ourselves. Instead of waiting for others to define the future, we proactively develop scalable solutions at a rapid pace


Rounding Up to Impact:

Empowering Change with Every Transaction

Fils enables impactful giving through everyday transactions. With round-up technology, users can effortlessly round up their purchases, turning small change into meaningful contributions. By selecting Auto-donate, users can automate round-ups after each transaction on their preferred platforms, enhancing the giving experience.

Scan for impact and Drive Change Forward

Our powerful QR technology enables users to turn almost everything into a donation point and create perfect giving moments anywhere, anytime. People can support meaningful causes by simply scanning the unique FILS QR code on their smartphones. This donation feature is so versatile the possibilities are endless, truly enabling the future of giving in an instant.

Climate-friendly ecommerce

The FILS single API connects to e-commerce platforms, enabling Roundup donations to causes at the checkout page. Our integrated Roundup feature creates a purposeful shopping experience for customers and retailers benefit from customer loyalty, trust and most importantly impact for the causes they choose.

Instore device

Retailers now have the power to make every transaction meaningful with our in-store checkout terminals. The FILS control centre enables retailers to select the causes of their choice and then our seamless giving technology does the rest, turning each POS terminal into a donation point. Our real-time reporting data keeps each retailer up-to-date with transaction history and receipts. Company CSR and charitable initiatives can be seamlessly integrated like never before.

Tap & donate

Offering agile giving moments, our mini tap & donate technology offers a complete mobile donation solution. Perfect for indoor/outdoor environments the mini POS terminals offer users mobility and fast implementation whilst maintaining maximum security with hardware encryption. This contactless giving solution is designed to work both online and offline in low signal/no wifi areas, because giving never stops…

Get started with our single API

Simplify engineering with FILS. Our API, SDKs, and pre-made components work with your current tech. Easy integration with just a few lines of code. Our API uses clear REST language and URL instructions for easy information exchange. Input in standard form, receive answers in JSON, and enjoy standard authorization protocols. Test the API in a safe environment before going live.

Test FILS’s API in a safe environment before going live, without affecting your data or banking networks.

Let’s enable a sustainable future together!