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Shaping the future of sustainability, with our powerful API

Our single, powerful API embeds sustainability into the digital payment infrastructure online, in-store and on-the-go with QR technology
Unified technology

Leading towards
climate impact

Comprehend each downturn and enhance conversion. Explore the performance of your cause.

API: Engage your customer base
Purchase: Buy carbon credits
Offtake: Invest over multiple years 


Integrating ESG goals with Next-Gen Blockchain technology

leveraging our fundamental blockchain solutions and services to take a proactive stance in combating climate change


Providing a comprehensive and verifiable history


Offering clear understanding of our operations


Revolutionizing traditional models to actively contribute to broader sustainability goals

The four pillars of Impact

Climate Change

Seamless connectivity to leading platforms and sustainable projects across the region with one single click

By developing a technology-first approach to sustainable action, we have created a game-changing digital ecosystem connecting together organisations, impact makers and consumers. Our technology enables organisations to increase the scalability of their sustainability practices and causes are benefited by receiving digital donations faster, easier and very transparently.

What People are saying


What People are saying

Fils is internationally recognized by industry-leaders.

From pioneering partnerships to our state-of-the-art technology, Fils is proud to be acknowledged for its expertise in helping businesses of all sizes reduce its impact. These recognitions are a testament to the hard work and dedication of Fils’s team and partners in helping to decelerate climate change.
Fils has been internationally recognized by industry-leaders