Fintech for Good: New Innovative Payments Platform Fils to Transform the World of ESG

Fils is a first of its kind infrastructure that is powering sustainable action with an API that seamlessly connects digital payments infrastructure, bringing individual, corporates and impact projects together. This is a B2B2C which will make it easier for businesses to act on the core values of ESG, ensuring that they play a role in creating a more sustainable planet.

London/Dubai, November 21st 2023: Fils, a groundbreaking fintech platform, has launched today to help global businesses turn intent into action when integrating sustainable values into the core of digital payments. The new innovation paves the way for trust and safety in carbon markets, bringing together buyers with capital, and suppliers with high-integrity carbon credits, at the rate and scale required to rebalance the planet.

With major partnerships with some of the leading names in the industry, soon to be announced – the company has been founded by Nameer Khan, a respected future fintech leader who has been recognised by his peers for his outstanding contributions to industry-wide growth and collaboration. He is also Chairman of the MENA Fintech Association (MFTA).

Fils’ unique pillars of technology are poised to transform the world of ESG, through an API-first digital payment infrastructure that makes sustainability a lifestyle and can be easily embedded into platforms across sectors.

The launch of Fils comes ahead of  COP28, further reinforcing the need to act now. The global climate crisis is a pressing issue that can no longer be ignored; however, many companies fail to incorporate climate action into their core operations and transactions. ESG values are here to stay, thanks to consumer and investor demand for greater transparency and social responsibility from businesses.

Companies across all industries are increasingly looking to align their ambitions with ESG principles and pursue opportunities that offer long-term societal benefits and business growth.

In a bold stride towards sustainable business practices, Fils aims to address ESG implementation challenges head-on, making it easier for businesses to play a vital role in driving a more sustainable future – one that is not only climate-neutral but also one that supports the most vulnerable in society – the financially excluded and those most impacted by global disasters.

Commenting on the launch of his new company, Nameer Khan said. “Fils is a catalyst for the evolution of ESG enforcement and has the right team, technology, experience and expertise to lead the market. With our robust infrastructure, it spells the end of greenwashing and clears a path towards greater accountability and implementation of actionable outcomes that can improve the sustainability of the world we live in.”

By taking a technology-first approach to sustainable action, Fils has created a game-changing digital ecosystem connecting payment infrastructure, organisations, impact makers and consumers. It is a best-of-breed fintech that enables organisations to increase the scalability of their sustainability practices and provides projects across 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Groups (UN SDGS) with the ability to receive digital payments faster, easier, more securely, and with greater transparency.