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Climate Scientist/ Specialist Climate Change Impact

We have a great new role for a climate scientist specializing in climate change and carbon footprint quantification. Competent in Python/R and other programming languages with excellent problem-solving skills.

The role is an opportunity for enthusiastic climate scientists to use their knowledge and skills for the upliftment of society as a response to climate change and help building a sustainable world. The duties involve but are not limited to:

  • Modelling regional carbon footprints and updating the existing models with varying climate change impacts
  • Identification and inclusion of new emission scenarios
  • Testing, validation and benchmarking of the results
  • Documentation of climate modelling activity
  • Development of innovative methods to include climate change impact in models
  • Participation in product demos with clients and leading universities

Required Skills:

  • Strong background climate change
  • Experience in programming languages: Python/R
  • Experience in Microsoft Office- Excel sheets, MS Powerpoint and word
  • with a strong background in Python.
  • Organized and self driven
  • Meet deadlines
  • Problem solving


  • Facility to work from home full time-Great Work life balance
  • Sense of contribution towards society and contributing for the nobel causes
  • Opportunity to be part of the Fils family and gain ESOPs
  • Excellent pay for the deserving candidates
  • Flexible working hours so you can work when you’re most productive