Geidea and Fils Forge Alliance to Drive Sustainability in Digital Payments

Challenge: Geidea, a leading fintech company recognized for its innovative solutions and significant market impact, faces the challenge of embedding sustainability into digital transactions while maintaining seamless user experiences. With increasing awareness of environmental issues, businesses are under pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Geidea seeks a strategic solution to empower businesses and individuals to integrate climate positivity into their transactions, fostering a culture of sustainability.

Solution: Fils, a revolutionary force in simplified climate action, partners with Geidea to enable businesses of all sizes to embed climate positivity into transactions using their API. This strategic collaboration signifies a pioneering step towards a sustainable future, aligning with Fils’ mission to transform industries towards environmental consciousness. Through Geidea’s payment gateways, merchants can now provide customers with estimates of carbon emissions for specific transactions, ranging from flights to product purchases. This empowers customers to make informed decisions and actively contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

Outcome: The partnership between Geidea and Fils marks a significant milestone in embedding sustainability into digital payments. By integrating Fils’ technology, Geidea enhances its offerings, providing merchants with the tools to promote environmental awareness and responsibility. Customers can now gain insights into the carbon intensity of their actions and contribute to trusted carbon credit projects directly from any product interface. This streamlined process fosters a culture of sustainability and empowers users to make a positive impact with every transaction.

Impact: Geidea’s collaboration with Fils underscores its commitment to sustainability and innovation in the digital payments landscape. By leveraging Fils’ expertise in simplified climate action, Geidea sets new standards in sustainable finance, demonstrating that progress and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand. The partnership not only enhances Geidea’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen but also contributes to shaping a greener future for the UAE and beyond. Through this transformative partnership, Geidea and Fils aim to inspire other fintech companies to prioritize sustainability and make every transaction a positive force for the planet.

Future Vision: Geidea and Fils are dedicated to reshaping the future of digital payments with a focus on sustainability. The partnership represents the beginning of a regional expansion, reinforcing their commitment to ESG values across key regions. Moving forward, Geidea and Fils will continue to collaborate on innovative solutions that integrate sustainability into every aspect of their activities. By setting new standards in sustainable finance, the two companies aim to inspire others to follow suit and contribute to building a more environmentally conscious economy.