Fils partners with Telr to drive sustainability in finance and payments

Challenge: Telr, a leading online payment gateway, is confronted with the challenge of integrating sustainability into its financial services while ensuring transparency and accessibility for its merchants. Historically, businesses have struggled to measure and mitigate their environmental impact due to limited tools and resources available within the payment industry. Telr recognizes the need to address these challenges and seeks a strategic solution to empower its merchants to track and reduce their carbon footprint effectively.

Solution: Fils, a pioneering ESG-focused digital infrastructure fintech, partners with Telr to integrate its end-to-end sustainable infrastructure into Telr’s platform. By leveraging Fils’ technology, Telr enables merchants to track their emissions and access voluntary carbon markets to mitigate environmental harm. The integration provides merchants with robust reporting functionality, reducing greenwashing and encouraging investments in sustainable initiatives through Fils’ marketplace. This collaboration expands Telr’s suite of services, offering merchants a comprehensive solution for sustainable finance alongside its existing range of financial and business services.

Outcome: The partnership between Telr and Fils marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable finance in the e-commerce sector. Telr’s merchants can now seamlessly monitor their carbon footprint and take proactive steps to reduce emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability. The integration enhances Telr’s position as a leading payments aggregator, aligning its services with global sustainability goals such as achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. By providing access to emissions calculators and emissions-reduction tools, Telr empowers merchants to make informed decisions that support a brighter, more sustainable future.

Impact: Telr’s collaboration with Fils demonstrates its commitment to driving sustainable finance and promoting environmental responsibility within the payment industry. By leveraging Fils’ expertise in ESG-focused digital infrastructure, Telr enhances its offerings, providing merchants with the tools they need to measure and mitigate their environmental impact. The partnership aligns with global
sustainability initiatives and reinforces Telr’s position as a responsible corporate citizen. Through this collaboration, Telr aims to reshape transactions and promote a more sustainable economy, paving the way for a greener future.

Future Vision: Telr and Fils are dedicated to advancing their influence in promoting sustainable finance and environmental responsibility within the e-commerce sector. The partnership sets the stage for future collaborations aimed at further integrating sustainability into financial services. By leveraging Telr’s global reach and Fils’ technology-first approach to sustainable action, the two companies aim to drive positive change and empower businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. As part of their vision, Telr and Fils will continue to support global sustainability goals and contribute to building a more resilient and environmentally friendly economy.