Fils and Arab Financial Services (AFS) Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Sustainable Digital Transformation in the MENA Region


Amid escalating climate concerns and a global push for sustainable practices, the challenge lies in integrating comprehensive sustainability solutions within the MENA region’s digital banking and payment systems. This region requires robust, technology-driven frameworks to enable businesses to track, mitigate, and report on their environmental impact effectively.



Fils, a UAE-based pioneer in digital infrastructure for sustainability, has partnered with Arab Financial Services (AFS), the Middle East and Africa’s leading digital payment solutions provider. This strategic partnership focuses on deploying Fils’ state-of-the-art fintech technology within AFS’s network of clients to adopt sustainable business practices seamlessly. Key components of this collaboration include the development of innovative solutions that contribute to reduced carbon footprints and environmental impact, along with introducing green financial products like Islamic Credit Cards that incorporate ESG principles.



The partnership has significantly advanced the capacity of the MENA region’s financial sector to engage in climate-positive actions. By embedding Fils’ sustainability infrastructure, AFS has enhanced its digital payment solutions, enabling banks, financial institutions, and organizations to integrate sustainable practices into their operations smoothly, thus fostering a net-zero economy within the region.



This collaboration not only strengthens AFS’s commitment to sustainable digital banking but also marks Fils’ influential expansion in the MENA market, enhancing its global footprint. The partnership’s focus on sustainable digital transformation and the introduction of green financial products set new standards in the fight against greenwashing in digital transactions.


Future Vision:

Fils and AFS are dedicated to continuing their partnership to expand and enhance sustainable digital banking solutions further. Their commitment is geared towards empowering more organizations to adopt and implement sustainable practices effectively, thereby driving the broader adoption of climate-positive actions in the financial sector across the region. This initiative aligns with global sustainability goals and supports local and international efforts towards environmental stewardship.