Fils and Aion Announce Strategic Partnership to help financial institutions integrate ESG principles into services across the Middle East


In the rapidly evolving financial landscape of the Middle East, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into banking services has become a crucial challenge. Financial institutions are increasingly expected to adopt sustainable practices that not only meet global standards but also align with regional aspirations like the Saudi Vision 2030.



Fils, a leader in embedding sustainability into digital transactions, has formed a strategic partnership with Aion, a pioneer in digital banking solutions. This partnership leverages Aion’s digital prowess and Fils’s innovative API-first approach to allow financial institutions to integrate ESG-focused products seamlessly. These solutions include ESG scoring systems, sustainable investment platforms, and green financial products.



The collaboration between Fils and Aion has resulted in the development of a suite of sustainable financial products tailored to the needs of the MENA region. These initiatives are designed to enhance user engagement and provide substantial business value while promoting sustainable economic growth and social welfare.



This partnership positions both Fils and Aion as leaders in sustainable finance within the Middle East. By providing tools that empower consumers and businesses to make informed and responsible financial decisions, they are setting a benchmark for the integration of ESG values into the core of financial services. Additionally, Fils’s growth in the ESG fintech sector is demonstrated by its partnerships with significant financial players across the MENA region, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.


Future Vision:

Fils and Aion are committed to ongoing collaboration to enhance their suite of ESG-integrated services. Their goal is to inspire other financial institutions to adopt sustainable practices, contributing to a resilient and environmentally conscious economic environment. This vision aligns with global efforts to foster a sustainable legacy and supports the green transformation initiatives within the region.