Our filosophy is to make
filanthropy a lifestyle

Our story

We noticed a problem, as the world evolves into a digital society, cash is becoming extinct. Therefore traditional methods of giving are becoming increasingly harder. Projects supporting SDG’s globally are impacted by the digital evolution and organisations are held accountable towards their social responsibility initiatives.

We understand that the way we give, needs a huge upgrade. The solution is our platform – Fils, developed to deliver a seamless digital payment infrastructure, dedicated to giving. Our powerful, single API is ready to be easily integrated into payment channels online, offline and on-the-go with our world class technology.

By developing a technology-first approach to giving, we have created a game-changing digital ecosystem connecting together organisations, charities and consumers. Our technology enables organisations to increase the scalability of their sustainability practices and charities are benefited by receiving digital donations faster, easier and very transparently. Our powerful, fully integrated solutions are designed to impact the world for good, by allowing filanthropy to be easily accessible by everybody. Don’t get left behind with your social responsibility because – giving never stops.

Our filosophy

Our core values


We believe in full Transparency, always. By focusing on honesty and integrity, we earn trust from our stakeholders and consumers have the confidence knowing their donations have 100% instant impact.


Working towards a better future, our Impact extends to organisations and causes that care for people and our planet. We want to give organisations and consumers modern Impact experiences, through our technology.


We aim to promote Goodness in everything we do, enabling conscious consumerism to everybody. Through the act of giving, we can make the world a better place. Doing Good one FIL at a time.


We believe in the importance of Community, Fils aims to unite people together under the common cause of Tech for Good, connecting a purposeful Community to share insight, expertise and deliver impact.