e& enterprise and Fils – Revolutionizing Telco and Payments with Sustainable Solutions

Challenge: e& enterprise, a leading telecom entity with a presence in 16 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, enhances the daily connectivity of 164 million customers. They aimed to not only integrate sustainability into their widespread digital payment network but also to set a new benchmark in the sector by promoting sustainability, aligned with COP28 environmental goals.


Solution: In a strategic collaboration with Fils, a trailblazer in climate-focused fintech, e& enterprise found the ideal partner to actualize their vision. Fils’s platform, acclaimed for its precise emissions tracking and offsetting capabilities, was seamlessly integrated into e& enterprise digital payment system via a unified API. This empowered businesses within e& enterprise network to provide their customers with detailed carbon emissions data for each transaction, accompanied by reliable offsetting options.


Outcome: The partnership has been transformative, redefining the landscape of digital payments. It has enabled businesses within e& enterprise network to equip their customers with the tools to make environmentally conscious decisions, fostering transparency in carbon emissions associated with their transactions.


Impact: This collaboration has catapulted e& enterprise into a vanguard position in sustainable digital transactions. By leveraging Fils’s rigorous scientific approach to emissions calculation, e& enterprise has bolstered the integrity of its digital payment platform, fostering consumer trust and promoting responsible business operations.


Future Vision: e& enterprise and Fils are dedicated to amplifying their influence, spurring global trends towards more sustainable business practices and consumer behaviors. They are on a mission to fundamentally reshape how businesses and consumers interact with digital commerce, prioritizing environmental responsibility at every juncture.


Alberto Araque, CEO of e& enterprise IoT & AI, stated, “Our union with Fils is a pivotal shift, integrating environmental accountability into every digital financial transaction. With Fils, we are not just enhancing our platform; we are crafting a new ethos where digital commerce becomes a conduit for sustainable development.”


About e& enterprise and Fils

e& enterprise, a prominent telecom operator, is innovating in digital payments, infusing ecological consciousness across various regions. Fils, committed to ecological accountability and groundbreaking fintech solutions, is setting new standards for integrating sustainability in business, ensuring each transaction contributes to a healthier planet.