A Path Towards Sustainable Transactions

Background In a world increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint, the finance and payment sectors are stepping up to embrace sustainability. Fils, a pioneering ESG-focused fintech company based in Dubai and London, and Magnati, a leading payments solutions provider in the MENA region, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration was announced at […]

Fintech for Good: New Innovative Payments Platform Fils to Transform the World of ESG

Fils is a first of its kind infrastructure that is powering sustainable action with an API that seamlessly connects digital payments infrastructure, bringing individual, corporates and impact projects together. This is a B2B2C which will make it easier for businesses to act on the core values of ESG, ensuring that they play a role in […]

How businesses can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals through carbon offsetting

Rising sea levels. Ocean acidification. Species extinction. Food insecurity. Unemployment. They’re all issues we’re facing right now. And their causes are all deeply intertwined – which is why the Sustainable Development Goals are so important. The ocean is warming and ice masses are melting due to global warming, leading to rising sea levels. The increase […]

A story of philanthropy

The word philanthropy originates from the Greek philanthropia, which simply – and indeed beautifully -means ‘love of mankind’.  Philanthropic groups and practices have been engrained in our society from the ancient civilizations and the origins of religions. In Greece, philanthropy was a cornerstone of democracy and the sacred texts of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, all call […]