CASHIN KSA and Fils Join Forces to Accelerate Sustainability in Payment Solutions across Saudi Arabia


CASHIN KSA, a prominent fintech company in Saudi Arabia, faced the challenge of integrating meaningful sustainability into its payment solutions. With the financial sector under increasing pressure to support environmental goals, CASHIN sought to incorporate transparent, actionable sustainability measures that could make a tangible impact and align with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 climate goals.


Fils, at the forefront of climate-positive financial technology, partnered with CASHIN KSA to embed its end-to-end sustainability infrastructure into CASHIN’s services. This strategic integration enables CASHIN’s merchants to accurately assess and manage their environmental impact by utilizing Fils’s robust platform to purchase high-quality carbon credits and provide transparent environmental reporting. Outcome: The alliance has empowered CASHIN KSA’s extensive network of merchants to take decisive climate action, driving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia closer to its ambitious sustainability targets. Merchants are now equipped with the tools to track, report, and offset their carbon footprint, illustrating Fils’s significant role in expanding its sustainability-driven footprint in the MENA region.


This partnership elevates CASHIN KSA as a leader in sustainability within the financial sector, showcasing its dedication to environmental stewardship. It also marks a pivotal extension for Fils into the Saudi market, underscoring the scalability and impact of their climate action platform. Together, CASHIN KSA and Fils are not only supporting the Kingdom’s climate action plans but also setting a precedent for sustainable financial practices across the region.

Future Vision:

Both CASHIN KSA and Fils are committed to continuing their collaborative efforts to pioneer sustainability in finance. They aim to inspire and enable other financial institutions to join this movement, fostering a more sustainable and resilient economic environment for the future. The path they’re charting supports a green transformation within the region, contributing to a sustainable legacy aligned with global efforts to combat climate change.