Customer Story: A Path Towards Sustainable Transactions


In a world increasingly conscious of its carbon footprint, the finance and payment sectors are stepping up to embrace sustainability. Fils, a pioneering ESG-focused fintech company based in Dubai and London, and Magnati, a leading payments solutions provider in the MENA region, have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration was announced at Cop28, marking a significant step towards integrating sustainability in finance and payments.

The Challenge

The financial industry has long been scrutinized for its environmental impact, particularly concerning the carbon emissions associated with transactions and operations. With businesses and consumers growing more environmentally conscious, there was a pressing need for a solution that could seamlessly integrate sustainability into everyday financial transactions, combat greenwashing, and enable companies to meet their ESG goals.

The Solution

Enter Fils and Magnati’s partnership. By integrating with Fils’ innovative technology infrastructure, Magnati is now equipped to offer its merchants and customers the ability to calculate and offset the carbon emissions for each transaction. This feature not only aids in reducing the environmental impact but also provides robust reporting functionality, enabling businesses to transparently demonstrate their positive environmental contributions.

Impact and Benefits

  • Sustainable Transactions: Merchants using Magnati’s platform can now ensure each transaction is climate-neutral, a significant step towards sustainable business practices.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The advanced reporting features dispel greenwashing, offering genuine insights into the environmental impact of business operations.
  • Empowering Businesses: This partnership empowers businesses across industries to actively participate in climate action and meet their ESG commitments.
  • Consumer Engagement: Consumers are increasingly drawn to environmentally responsible brands. This initiative allows businesses to align with consumer values, strengthening brand loyalty.



Nameer Khan, CEO of Fils, emphasizes the partnership’s role in mitigating environmental impacts and fighting against greenwashing, highlighting the significance of collaborations in achieving corporate environmental responsibility.

Ramana Kumar, CEO of Magnati, echoes this sentiment, underscoring Magnati’s commitment to providing climate-neutral payment services and contributing to a sustainable planet through innovative financial solutions.

The Road Ahead

Fils and Magnati’s collaboration sets a new benchmark in the finance and payment industry. It’s not just a business partnership; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future, leveraging technology to make every transaction a step towards a healthier planet. This alliance exemplifies how strategic collaborations can bring about transformative changes, reinforcing both companies’ dedication to environmental stewardship and innovation in sustainability.